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[外语资源] 命运偏爱勇者!Facebook公司首席运营官桑德伯格在清华毕业演讲!

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# n2 o2 B! P0 }0 }
5 |" D  `# g# V* {; D: sI am honored to be here today to address Dean Yingyi Qian, Tsinghua School of Economics and Management's distinguished faculty, proud family members, supportive friends, and most importantly, the class of 2015. Unlike my boss, Mark Zuckerberg, I do not speak Chinese. For that I apologize. But he did ask me to pass along this message -- zhuhe. I am thrilled to be here to congratulate this magnificent class on your graduation.
0 e  [2 H5 M7 `钱颖一院长、杰出的清华经管学院的教师们、自豪的毕业生亲属、鼎力支持他们的朋友们、以及更重要的,清华经管学院2015届的毕业生们:我很荣幸今天来到这里为你们做毕业典礼演讲。同我的老板马克·扎克伯格不一样的是,我不会讲中文。为此我感到抱歉。但是,他请我用中文转达他对大家的问候——祝贺。今天能在这里祝贺优秀的同学们毕业,我感到非常兴奋。
3 d7 E' P# h; _% V! D: P" c( ~
* t2 ]3 c3 _( s& t3 p  j+ VWhen Dean Qian invited me to speak today, I thought, come talk to a group of people way younger and cooler than I am? I can do that. I do that every day at Facebook, since Mark is 15 years younger than I am and many of our employees are more his contemporaries than mine. I like being surrounded by young people, except when they say to me, "What was it like being at university without a mobile phone?" or worse, "Sheryl, can you come here? We need to see what old people think of this feature."
% [2 X3 a1 [$ I+ v当钱颖一院长邀请我今天来做演讲时,我想,来给远比我年轻比我酷的人演讲?这事儿我能做。我在Facebook每天都要做这样的事情。因为扎克伯格比我小15岁,并且我们的大多数员工是他的同龄人,而不是我这个年龄的。我喜欢和年轻人在一起,除非他们问我:“你在大学时没有手机用是怎样的日子?”甚至更糟糕的问题是,“谢丽尔,你能过来一下吗?我们想知道岁数大的人对这个新功能有什么看法?”' `+ J1 r. |. g5 c/ Z" Y/ Q$ |
+ }7 b% q/ @, Z( m
I graduated from college in 1991 and business school in 1995. This was not that long ago. But I can tell you: the world has changed an awful lot in just 25 years. My business school class tried to have our school's first online class. We had to pass out a list of screen names because it was unthinkable to put your real name on the Internet. And it did not work because the system kept crashing -- it just wasn't possible for 90 people to communicate at once online.6 c4 @9 ^% i1 J) @1 K& {
我1991年从哈佛大学本科毕业,获得经济学学士学位;1995年从哈佛商学院毕业,获得MBA学位——所以可以说,我上了美国的清华大学。其实这并不是那么久远的事情。但是我能告诉你的是,这个世界在这短短的25年当中发生了翻天覆地的变化。在哈佛商学院时,我所在的班级曾尝试进行学院的第一次在线课程。我们当时必须给每人发一张写有我们网名的列表,因为那时在网上使用真名是件让人难以想象的事。但是最后还是没有搞成,因为电脑系统不断崩溃——当时根本无法实现90人同时在线交流。5 R2 f' E4 }6 i8 t& ^( P" p

$ W+ ?4 v! p% R" ?9 F, u- ABut for a few brief moments in between crashes, we glimpsed the future -- a future where technology would connect us to our colleagues, our relatives, our friends. The world we live in today is one I could not have imagined when I was sitting where you are. And 25 years from now, you will have helped shape your generation's world.4 t" G1 S% {( t! W
; ^8 n1 ~6 s, n) Y# r8 T+ B; S, t% }/ M
As graduates of Tsinghua, you will be leaders not just in China, but globally. China is a world leader in terms of educational attainment and economic growth. It is not just political and business leaders that recognize the importance of China. Many American parents realize it as well; the hardest schools to get into in the San Francisco Bay area where I live are those that teach Chinese., P9 C2 |# z; H( U
作为清华的毕业生,你们不仅将成为中国的领袖,还将成为全球的领袖。中国在教育程度及经济增长方面都已是世界的领先者。不仅是政界和商界的领袖们认识到中国的重要性,许多美国的父母也认识到了这一点。在我所居住的旧金山湾区,最难进的中小学校正是那些教汉语的学校。+ t3 o9 S5 d, x1 @7 W1 v( |
' a  t, v+ d9 Q
But the fact is countries don't lead. People lead./ Y" B! h9 D( t' m, u  A
但事实是,国家不能领导,要靠人来领导。1 d9 Q% i5 R" C. ~0 g

4 W8 c4 x# r( GAs you graduate today, you start your path toward leadership. What kind of leader will you be? How much impact on others will you have? What will be your mark on the world?
6 [  a, P* Z8 @; W, Y0 g% o从你们今天毕业起,你们就开启了成为领导者的征程。你会成为什么样的领导者?你会对他人产生多大的影响?你将会在世界上留下什么样的印记?
/ b( E, Y0 ]) E, W7 R- E# a
, P: @* j0 l" u0 h: bAt Facebook, we have posters on our walls to remind us to think big -- to challenge ourselves to do more each and every day. There are important leadership lessons reflected in these posters -- and today, I want to cover four of them that I think can be meaningful for you., e- p' d4 @3 g5 }
在Facebook公司里,我们的墙上贴着提醒我们要有远大目标的海报——挑战自我每一天都要做得更多。这些海报中蕴含了一些重要的有关领导力的经验——今天,我想分享其中我认为会对你们有意义的四点。. }5 k/ K' W% p; g) N3 m5 L5 D
- d) L+ [+ }( a7 Y7 }2 N
First, fortune favors the bold.
( V$ z6 H% }3 Y; m第一、命运偏爱勇者。0 K" U3 y8 S3 d
4 N9 U& [% S! n$ _0 n/ C. t2 @
Facebook exists because Mark believed that the world would be a better place if people could use technology to connect as individuals. He believed it so much that he dropped out of Harvard College to pursue that mission and he fought to hold onto it over the years. What Mark did was not lucky. It was bold.4 b: B8 l% }* n2 T
9 C6 k+ P  D8 I% O0 r! c* z1 V; L& }$ g1 x1 ^8 j3 x' q
It's unusual to find your passion as early as Mark. It took me far longer to figure out what I wanted to do. When I was sitting in a graduation robe, I could not have considered a job at Facebook because the Internet did not exist -- and Mark was only 11 years old. I thought I would only ever work for the government or a philanthropic organization because I believed these institutions made the world a better place while companies only worked towards profits. But when I was working at the U.S. Treasury Department, I saw from afar how much impact technology companies were having on the world and I changed my mind. So when my government job ended, I decided to move to Silicon Valley.. t* g# z  g: f9 @& I  \8 G
& x  M6 ~: I) `9 |, s$ m+ @8 j6 T" s( ~7 y" ~
In retrospect, this seems like a shrewd move. But in 2001, it was questionable at best. The tech bubble had burst. Large companies were doing massive layoffs and small companies were going out of business. I gave myself four months to find a job. It took almost a year. In one of my first interviews, a tech company CEO said to me, "I took this meeting as a favor to a friend but I would never hire someone like you -- people from the government can't work in technology."
2 V) K" P1 v8 W& X: x, V2 j: x1 I回过头看,这似乎是一个明智的举动。但是在2001年,这是个可被质疑的决定,因为那时科技泡沫刚刚破灭。大公司都在大规模裁员,小公司倒闭如潮。我给自己4个月的期限要找到一份工作,但是我足足花了将近一年的时间。在我最初接受的某次面试当中,有一个公司的首席执行官对我说:“我之所以面试你,完全是受朋友所托,但是我根本不会考虑聘用像你这样的人——在ZF工作过的人无法胜任科技公司的工作。”, @! P1 |, u' B8 j

) v4 _; E+ v+ _0 r* V" m  ^Eventually, I persuaded someone to hire me, and 14 years later, I still love working in tech. It was not my original plan, but I got there -- eventually.' H+ k- H$ O! T$ @0 h" w6 t( R1 `
最终,我还是说服了某个公司雇佣了我。14年过去了,我仍然热爱在科技公司工作。这虽然不是我的初衷,但是我最终还是找到了我的热情所在。: F* V) u: @$ k9 G' j" k

* Z# ^: U% x0 Z* h& y+ UI hope if you find yourself on one path but longing for something else, you find a way to get there. And if that isn't right, try again. Try until you find something that stirs your passion, a job that matters to you and matters to others. It's a luxury to combine passion and contribution. It's also a clear path to happiness.6 H& C: J# ^; j6 s
我希望,如果你在一条道路上前行,却发现自己的心另有所属,那么就请你去独辟蹊径,以到达理想的彼岸。如果一次没有成功,请继续锲而不舍地尝试。直到找到能点燃你激情的,对自己、对他人都有意义的工作。能将激情和奉献完美结合是一种奢侈。一旦达成,幸福将至。8 Q" u1 S( u; L: G; U
5 C) ]4 q) I& E4 O
Second, feedback is a gift.: v2 B( X( Y0 u; R4 ?% u/ j
第二、反馈是一种本领。: m0 o1 w! p, C. p
7 C. S) h  e8 L5 n" U
At Facebook, I knew that the most important determinant of my performance would be my relationship with Mark. When I joined, I asked Mark for a commitment that he would give me feedback every week so that anything that bothered him would be aired and discussed quickly. Mark not only said yes but immediately added that he wanted it to be reciprocal. For the first few years, we stuck to this routine and met every Friday afternoon to voice concerns big and small. As the years went by, sharing honest reactions became part of our relationship and we now do so in real time rather than waiting for the end of the week.
7 W$ l: O5 x4 {: ]1 Y% w9 u在Facebook,我知道决定我工作绩效的最重要的因素是我与扎克伯格的关系。当我刚加入Facebook公司时,我就让他做出承诺,每星期都要给我工作反馈,这样任何困扰他的事情都可以尽快讨论。他不仅爽快地答应了,并且立即说他也希望我也对他做反馈。在最初的几年当中,我们都坚持这样的惯例,每周五下午见面谈论我们所关心的事情,事无巨细。几年下来,分享真实的意见已经成为我们关系当中很自然的一部分,我们现在随时会这么做,而不必再等到周五了。. O: P3 c: o+ ?- {8 }) i% w6 d

1 b2 |9 f1 V: D2 V# bGetting feedback from your boss is one thing, but it's every bit as important to get feedback from those who work for you. This is not an easy thing to do as employees are often eager to please those above them and don't want to criticize or question their higher-ups.
( C7 L" v( T8 {7 y; I从自己老板那里获得反馈很重要,但是从自己的下属那里获得反馈也同样至关重要。这绝非易事,因为员工总是太过于渴望去取悦他们的上司,而不去批评或质疑他们的上司。% s* G, `4 ?, C9 C2 X" |; A

; Q8 {, Z# ]& N  s$ K& o$ ~! M- kOne of my favorite examples of this comes from Wall Street. In 1990, Bob Rubin became the CEO of Goldman Sachs. At the end of his first week, he looked at Goldman's books and noticed large investments in gold. He asked someone why. The answer? "That was you, sir." "Me?" he replied. Apparently, the day before he had been walking around on the trading floor and he commented to someone that "gold looks interesting." This got repeated as "Rubin likes gold" and someone spent hundreds of millions of dollars to make the new boss happy.
* c+ B) ^& D* o! Y/ N我最喜欢的一个例子是来自华尔街的。1990年,鲍勃·鲁宾成为高盛公司的首席执行官。上任满第一周,在查看公司账目时,他发现有一大笔在黄金上的投资。他问为什么会投资黄金?结果答案是,“因为您,先生。”“我?”他迷惑了。显然是因为在头一天他在交易所视察时曾经说过一句“黄金看起来有点意思”,结果这句话就被传成了“鲁宾喜欢黄金”,然后就有人花了几百万美元来讨老板的欢心。
' A7 P3 @8 ~- @2 n9 \& T
/ G1 p2 z3 x5 b8 `On a smaller scale, I have faced a similar challenge. When I joined Facebook, one of my tasks was to build the business side of the company -- but without destroying the engineering-driven culture that made Facebook great. So one of the things I tried to do was discourage people from doing formal PowerPoint presentations for meetings with me. At first, I asked nicely. Everyone ignored me and kept doing their presentations. So about two years in, I said, "OK, I usually hate rules but I now have a rule: No more PowerPoint in my meetings."4 e' ?' @  u. V# W7 ^" @% X2 z$ ?
我也遇到过类似的挑战,当然比这事的影响要在小一些的量级上。我刚加入Facebook时,我的职责之一是建立公司的商业运作——但与此同时还不能破坏成就Facebook的那种工程技术驱动的文化。所以我尝试做的一件事就是鼓励人们在和我开会时不要做正式的电子演示文稿。最开始我讲得很客气,结果所有人都无视我的要求,仍然在做电子演示文稿。大概过了两年吧,我就说,“好了,我通常不喜欢立规矩,但我现在必须定个规矩,和我开会时谁也不能再做电子演示文稿了。”( O4 c% L$ v" ]# w) i

/ b' _, H! G6 V1 fAbout a month later I was about to address our global sales team, when someone said to me, "Before you get on that stage, you really should know everyone's pretty upset about the no PowerPoint with clients thing." I was shocked. I had never banned these presentations for clients! I just did not want them in meetings with me. How could we present to our clients without PowerPoint? So I got on the stage and said, "One, I meant no PowerPoint with me. And two, next time you hear a bad idea -- like not doing proper client presentations -- speak up. Even if you think it is what I have asked for, tell me I am wrong!": {7 v) p0 O0 E3 h' Q7 i0 B
大约一个月之后,当我正要对我们的全球销售团队讲话时,一个同事对我说,“在你上台之前,有件事你应该知道,大家对你规定的‘和客户会面不做电子演示文稿’的规定很有意见。”我感到很震惊,我从来没有禁止过给客户做电子演示文稿!我只是不希望他们在和我开会的时候用电子演示文稿。和客户展示产品时怎么能不做电子演示文稿?所以我上台就说,“首先,我说的是和我开会时不用电子演示文稿。其次,下次你们再听到坏点子——就像和客户会面不做电子演示文稿这类——请大声说出来。哪怕你知道那话是我说的,请告诉我这是错误的!”2 g6 @# |% a* n, V9 ]+ }

! O6 A( q+ l3 d: g* B0 MA good leader recognizes that most employees won't feel comfortable challenging authority, so it falls upon authority to solicit feedback. I learned from my PowerPoint mistake. I now ask my colleagues "What could I do better?" And I always thank the person who has the guts to answer me honestly, often by praising them publicly. I firmly believe that you lead best when you walk side-by-side with your colleagues. When you don't just talk but you also listen.
% f0 g6 q' ?) Q一个好的领导者知道大部分雇员不愿意挑战权威,所以领导者就有义务主动要求反馈。我从电子演示文稿事件中吸取了教训。我现在经常问我的同事“有哪些地方我还能做得更好?”我总是对那些敢于对我说实话的人心怀感激,并且当众表扬他们。我深信只有你和你的同事并肩做战,只有当你不仅指挥而且也聆听时,你才能成为最好的领导。5 x' s) ^: ]' h+ H

; x2 [$ Q# W& FThird, nothing is someone's else's problem.( Q! t! z5 u, C
第三, 以身作则。
8 m% n2 o4 V( [! O  O, G! _' J8 H) d# i. y6 d- G
When I started my career, I observed people in leadership roles and thought, "They're so lucky. They have so much control." So imagine my surprise when I took a course in business school on leadership and was told that as you get more senior, you are more dependent on other people. At the time, I thought my professors were wrong.
8 y5 w. a, O3 e+ g4 g0 U9 T0 P6 b* H当我刚入职场时,我观察那些身处领导岗位的人时会想,“他们太幸运了,他们有那么大的掌控力。”所以你们可以想象的到,当我在商学院选修领导力课程时被告知,职位越高将会越依赖他人时,我有多么的惊讶。说实话,那时候我认为教授讲的是错的。  w9 v( e1 v8 j" k  u2 u+ m
! T5 u& y  i! p7 z
They were right. I am dependent on my sales team... not the other way around. If they fall short, it is my mistake. As a leader, what I can accomplish is not just what I can do myself but what everyone on my team does.5 b: K3 Q; a/ j, q
* ~$ {. x* h; X9 @" A) \" d
3 y6 s# u: @* e- SCompanies in every country operate in ways that are right for their cultures. But I believe that there are some principles of leadership that are universal -- and one of those is that it is better to inspire than to direct. Yes, people will do what their bosses tell them to do in most organizations. But great leaders do not just want to secure compliance. They want to elicit genuine enthusiasm, complete trust, and real dedication. They don't just win the minds of their teams, they win their hearts. If they believe in your organization's mission and they believe in you, they will not only do their daily tasks well, but they will do them with true passion.
$ T0 a. o( |$ I不同国家的企业运作都有其特定的文化特点。但我相信有一些领导力的原则是世界通用的——其中一条就是激发总是好过指示。是的,在多数组织里,员工总是按照老板的指示来做事。但是伟大的领导者不仅仅只是需要完全的服从。他们想要的是激发出员工心底的热情,完全的信任及真正的敬业精神。他们不仅仅是要得到团队的智慧,而是要赢得他们的心。如果他们相信公司的使命并且对你也信之如笃,那么他们就不仅仅只是把日常任务完成好,而且是以真正的热情来投入这些工作。2 R& f; a* v, D+ P5 ?9 p$ \

8 o" q6 Z* s( K( ^4 INo one won more hearts than my beloved husband Dave Goldberg who passed away suddenly two months ago. Dave was a truly inspiring leader. He was kind. He was generous. He was thoughtful. He raised the level of performance of everyone around him. He did it as CEO of SurveyMonkey, an amazing company that he helped build. He did it for me and for our children.' @* c, l) a4 ]. |
$ n3 u/ }9 X  @6 a$ U; |
; J* I" Q' y) Y. v  G. Q/ t8 mA friend of ours named Bill Gurley, a leading venture capitalist in Silicon Valley, wrote a post where he urged others to "Be Like Dave." Bill wrote, "Dave showed us all exactly what being a great human being looks like... But it was never frustrating because Dave's greatness was not competitive or threatening. It was gentle, inspirational and egoless. He was the quintessential standard for the notion of leading by example."
$ i. ]# v: V. Z) X# _我们的一个朋友、硅谷著名的风险投资人比尔·格雷,写过一篇短文号召人们“向大卫那样”。比尔写到,“大卫向我们所有人完整地展示了怎样做一个伟大的人……但是这并不让人有挫折感,因为大卫的伟大并不是好竞争的或威胁他人的,他的伟大是柔和的,触动心灵的,无私的。他是领导者‘以身作则’理念的经典标杆。”/ W1 ^" _5 @$ u

$ [0 n/ ]$ N! x! O8 S; S9 G# T% pHarvard Business School Professor Frances Frei has said "leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence." Like Dave, you can do this for others over the course of your career.7 }# q9 m  o! y4 R
0 A* \1 I: o7 ^2 Q1 G" ?6 p1 n
- [# z8 b' F1 k) b  O- uFourth, lean in.
8 i4 ]; E) f; C$ v0 ]第四,向前一步。' P+ C  i9 X1 ?
1 i4 d$ ]9 }+ e9 X1 K+ ?1 s& N
As the Chinese proverb holds -- "women hold up half the sky." This is quoted all over the world and women have a special role in China's history and present.
: j7 H6 b6 J* p0 P1 R' u$ C: p' v  p中国有句话叫“妇女能顶半边天”,这个说法被世界各地广为引用。女性在中国历史上及现在都扮演着特殊的角色。
1 k- {7 b- y6 u- f) g% u! i: m5 y
5 ?4 `- K" w, V; }# {When the world has gathered to discuss the status and advancement of women, we've done it here in Beijing. In 1995, the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action -- which called for women's full and equal participation in life and decision-making -- was adopted by 189 governments. Last year, on the 20th anniversary of that historic declaration, leaders again gathered here to mobilize around what has become known as the promise of Beijing: equality for women and men.3 p- z. T! K0 d
当世界各国都在聚焦讨论女性的地位和发展的时候,我们曾在这里—北京讨论过这个问题。早在1995年,《北京宣言》和《行动纲领》,这两个号召女性全方位和平等地参与生活和决策的宣言和纲领,就由189个国家的ZF在北京共同签署。去年,在这一历史性宣言20周年之际,各国领导人重聚在此,向人们传递这一北京承诺:男女平等。6 K1 f9 w; ~6 l. m. a  K- V$ U, `
$ T- L6 ?) `1 [4 Q& \4 W
Yet while we all acknowledge the importance and strength of women, when we look at leadership roles in every country, they are overwhelmingly held by men. In almost every country in the world -- including the United States and China -- less than 6 percent of the top companies are run by women. Women hold fewer leadership roles in every industry. This means that when it comes to making the decisions that affect all us, women's voices are not heard equally.
$ `% S9 V! B2 U6 V' Q. X8 {0 F但是,尽管我们认识到女性的重要性及力量,当我们审视各国的领导层时,仍然绝大多数由男性主导。在几乎所有国家——包括美国和中国,只有不到6%的顶尖企业是由女性来领导的。女性在各行各业的领导角色都少之又少。这意味着,在做出影响我们所有人福祉的决定时,女性的意见无法被平等地听取。
/ e/ p* R! a1 {( }5 D# b0 ~* X
/ W# o/ k* ?+ D% x, v3 o9 x1 zThere are many reasons for the gender leadership gap -- outright discrimination, greater responsibilities at home, a lack of flexibility in the workplace, and importantly, our stereotypical expectations. While cultures differ all over the globe, our stereotypes of men and women are remarkably similar. Although the status of women is changing and evolving in China and many parts of the world, traditional expectations and stereotypes linger. To this day, in the U.S., in China, and everywhere, men are expected to lead, be assertive, succeed. Women are expected to share, be communal, acquiesce to others. We expect leadership from boys and men. But when a little girl leads, we call her "bossy" in English, or qiang shi in Chinese.6 L9 z" _2 E0 e- |) L
3 g4 Y5 R. b, U8 i5 W( [4 \- O% `& C; A" U, ]# ]" a" ~
Other social barriers also hold women back. Women are often excluded from professional networks -- like Guanxi -- and both formal and informal socializing that is critical for job advancement. This is also true in the United States, where men often chose to mentor other men instead of women.1 j- ~9 k* V! [8 {% x* R
其它一些社会因素也阻碍了女性的前进。女性通常被职业社交圈排除在外——比如“关系”——以及正式的、非正式的对职业发展至关重要的社交活动。在美国也是如此。在美国,男性通常选择去指导其他男性而不是女性。2 W% d9 c# j) f2 X4 I5 ^

1 _9 T9 h( ~- Q* H$ u' YI believe that the world would be a better place if men ran half our homes and women ran half our institutions -- and the good news is that we can change the stereotypes and get to real equality. We can support women who lead in the workforce. We can find more balance in the home by fathers helping mothers with housekeeping and childrearing; more equal marriages are happier and more active fathers raise more successful children. We can walk up to someone who calls a little girl "bossy," and say instead, "That little girl is not bossy. That little girl has executive leadership skills.": p# }8 B! A7 M: x
我相信,如果男性能够承担起家庭的一半责任,女性承担起职场的一半责任,这个世界将会变得更加美好——好消息是,我们能够改变偏见,实现真正的平等。我们能够支持职场中的女性领导者。我们能够在家庭中找到更多的平衡,父亲帮助母亲打理家务、抚养子女;更加平等的婚姻会获得更多幸福;更积极主动的父亲能够培养出更成功的子女。我们可以走到说小女孩“专横”的人面前说:“那个女孩不是专横,她具有高级的领导才华。”$ t  S  v/ E; P. x; m
/ p; P! j! D7 R6 K2 g
And I want to make this very clear: Equality is not just good for women. It's good for everyone. Female participation in the workforce is a major driver of economic growth. Companies that recognize the full talents of the entire population outperform those that do not. AliBaba CEO Jack Ma, who stood here last year, has said that "one of the secret sauces for Alibaba's success is that we have a lot of women... without women, there would be no Alibaba." Women hold 40 percent of all jobs at Alibaba and 35 percent of senior positions -- far more than most companies anywhere in the world.
3 e2 u/ `3 Q! Y( Q1 W1 X! m2 d我想澄清一点——平等不仅仅只对女性有益,而是对所有人都有益。职场中女性的参与是经济增长的主要动力之一。那些充分发挥所有人才能的公司要远远比没有认识到这点的公司更加成功。去年站在这个位置演讲的阿里巴巴创始人马云曾经说过,“阿里巴巴成功的秘诀之一是因为我们有很多女性……没有女性,就没有阿里巴巴。”在阿里巴巴公司,有40%的员工是女性,并且有35%的高层管理者是女性——这远远超过世界上多数公司。
+ P4 E: `0 i! A  ~. W
& M$ ?& r2 l8 b( A, ]Great leaders don't just develop people like them, they develop everyone. If you want to be a great leader, you will develop the women -- as well as the men -- at your companies and on your teams.- ~. I  ]  f' h5 a# y
5 t1 V' q4 T; F: T% j2 F8 i3 o9 Q2 Y! j7 y7 ?+ V' d
Our peers can help us develop, too. When Lean In was published in 2013, we launched LeanIn.org, a nonprofit with a mission to empower all women to achieve their ambitions. LeanIn.Org helps form Lean In Circles, small peer groups who met regularly to share and learn together. There are now over 23,000 circles in more than 100 countries.5 @  a, V# e" N3 @! |6 {
我们的女性同行也可以帮助我们自身的发展。当2013年《向前一步》这本书出版的时候,我们成立了LeanIn.Org。这是一个非营利性组织,旨在帮助女性实现自己的目标。LeanIn.Org通过组织Lean In Circles互组小组来达到个体间互相帮助的目的。小组成员通过定期见面来相互分享并互助学习。目前,在超过100个国家里大约有2.3万个这样的互助小组。
, Y  H) I0 t, d7 \$ ?
7 s9 U* ~5 M' z" x# dThe first international Lean In Circle I ever met with was in Beijing -- a group of young professional women who gathered to support each other's professional ambitions and challenge the idea of "shengnu," leftover women. In the past two years, they have built a network of Circles throughout China from working professionals to university students -- women and men who come together to support equality. One of these Circles is at Tsinghua, and I met with them earlier this morning. I was inspired by their passion for their studies and their careers. As one member told me, "It was when I first joined Lean In Tsinghua that I began to fully understand the Chinese proverb, 'A just cause enjoys abundant support.'"- }% [3 Q( w! p5 l: y) M* M
我见到的第一个国际Lean In Circle互助小组就是在北京——一群年轻的职业女性聚集在一起,支持彼此的职业理想并挑战“剩女”这个称谓。在过去的两年间,她们已经在全中国建立了互助网络,从职业白领到大学生——女性和男性一起来支持平等权利。其中一个互助小组就在清华,今天上午我还与她们见了面。她们对学业及职业前景的热情深深地打动了我。其中一个成员告诉我:“我加入清华互助小组以后开始深刻领会到‘得道多助’这句中国谚语的意思。”
$ f; |7 _' S8 _5 A% C1 u. F+ T# c" I! w0 k8 h3 x6 n
I believe your generation will do a better job than mine at fixing the problem of gender inequality. So we turn to you. You are the promise for a more equal world." R! B5 j& b. M
. g% E* F' Q, L# Z
4 M$ k* s: z2 G  Z5 [) w( Z——: X5 J2 l) q; ?! T& |0 p
4 f: s9 R9 \- ]( y
Today is a day of celebration. A day to celebrate your accomplishments, the hard work that brought you to this moment.
4 k6 [. {4 h! g6 A6 T0 e今天是一个欢庆的日子,一个庆祝你们成就的日子,一个几经努力换来的时刻。0 k4 k) d" Q% o. @
3 a2 H( P" w6 W& X! t
This is a day of gratitude. A day to thank the people who helped you get here -- the people who nurtured you, taught you, cheered you on and dried your tears.% ^2 m5 e. m' `; g: o
今天是一个感恩的日子,一个应该感谢那些帮助过你们获得今天成绩的人们的日子——是他们培育了你,教导了你,带给了你的欢乐并擦干了你的眼泪。* ^* k6 Y, C/ O

8 g5 H% I- ~5 I& d0 s- D! Z3 O% `- C3 IToday is a day of reflection. A day to think about what kind of leader you want to be.
" _7 V- L9 L7 P) R( R3 H今天是个值得思考的日子,一个应该思考你想成为什么样的领导者的日子。$ q3 d& X4 q' J8 [
, |8 l% K3 {! x2 ?
I believe that you are the future leaders, not only of China but of the world. And for each of you, I wish four things:
$ Q0 G/ `  O  H" F, n; f我坚信你们将是未来的领导者,不仅是中国的领导者,也是世界的领导者。对你们每个人,我送上四个祝愿:
, A) e$ k- Z& h9 A, ]" g" ^& b- e- Q1 R6 ?# C+ g
1. That you are bold and have good fortune. Fortune favors the bold.6 a* N  D* _' f6 e  P; ^
" D" d' ]+ e3 r' A* i& t# ]( J( E$ q; B0 n4 i, Z6 W9 l6 k
2. That you give and get the feedback you need. Feedback is a gift.
! W  a2 a% C2 @! u2、祝愿你给予并收到你需要的反馈。反馈是一种本领。1 G. J" }4 j: ^5 y3 H

. {2 D/ F" C9 R# [3. That you empower everyone. Nothing is somebody else's problem.8 j- E" p& G" ]8 w  N8 M7 e4 `
; {3 O* H$ B( m9 S/ X" l" s; I; d7 Y8 t4 U( |( ~' i# L9 n! o
4. That you support equality. Lean In!% v4 i$ b5 n1 @- C
7 G8 X( K( ~$ P+ `5 Z. Q! l
% O2 z/ u- ?$ C9 G0 ICongratulations!
& {2 Z( N, ?; d3 @6 c: u5 M祝贺你们!2 A2 B' G" |; e' y, U' E9 r& S: p
) n7 L9 ^1 i- o. M, V% b5 O
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